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FiveTen Wellness provides quality and comprehensive holistic health and wellness services through educating patients, advancing research, and building community partnerships.

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Our commitment to providing culturally-diverse, patient-centered, sustainable community health programming is the heart & soul of FiveTen Wellness. We invite you to explore our services and connect with us today!

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Cannabis Therapeutics Education

FiveTen Wellness facilitates community forums, wellness retreats, conferences, webinars and more. Check out our schedule to find us at an event nearby or schedule a one-on-one consultation or community event here.

Clinical Research Management 

For Growers, Processors, Dispensary Owners & Medical Professionals

Consideration of evidence-based research is paramount in making decisions about product development and patient care. Research beyond anecdotal reporting is required to move the industry forward. FiveTen Wellness can help you with research strategy, protocol development, and project implementation.

Innovative Collaborations

FiveTen Wellness is passionate about connecting patients to resources. Community outreach is powerful when it is integrated, orchestrated, and ongoing. Work with us to bring about more effective and efficient program delivery.


Fleesie A. Hubbard, M.S., Founder

Fleesie Hubbard is a public health professional with more than 15 years of experience in clinical research and community engagement. Her diverse portfolio in academia includes management of specialty research including novice drug therapy trials, investigational new device studies, and behavioral health interventions to support a variety of medical disciplines. Fleesie aims to progressively impact discovery-based medicine practices through advocacy for cannabis therapeutics in combination with personalized medicine tools and integrated care methods.

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