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Interested in Learning More about Medical Cannabis?


Community Outreach 

FiveTen Wellness facilitates public education through participation in community forums, wellness retreats, conferences, webinars and more! Find us at an event nearby, or request a community outreach event below.

Individual Wellness Coaching

Interested in incorporating medical cannabis in your wellness plan, but not sure where to start? Through individual wellness coaching, FiveTen Wellness will educate patients, caregivers and family members to help patients get the most from their medical cannabis use. Coaching is tailored to meet individual goals, and will begin with a personal wellness inventory to discuss overall health and wellness challenges. We will work together to explore cannabis therapeutic regimens as well as alternative and integrative health approaches aimed to suit your desired health outcomes.  This service is provided as a one-time 2-hour session, or a series of one-on-one consultations.

Cannabis Concierge Service

For new patients, visiting a medical cannabis dispensary can be overwhelming. With this in mind, FiveTen Wellness also offers a unique Cannabis Concierge service. With this option, your wellness coach will accompany you to your nearest dispensary to assist with product navigation, and/or help you with online selections (where available) to suit your individual goals.

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